Dreher Carvings

Dreher Carvings - Special Edition Carving #1 - Frog On Reed

JTV unpacking, a one of a kind gem carving

Whats hot in Munich 2017

What's Hot In Tucson: 2021 - Dreher Carvings

Dreher-Carvings: Citrine Hippopotamus

Dreher Carvings - Westward Look Show - What's Hot In Tucson: 2020 - Program Sponsor Series

Dreher-Carvings: Tourmaline Toad

Mineral Talks LIVE - Episode 07 - Patrick Dreher; Master Carver; Dreher Carvings, Idar-Oberstein

What’s Hot In Munich: 2019 - Patrick Dreher - Dreher Carvings

Patrick Dreher - Generations of Mastery - Houston, Texas - GIA Alumni Association of Houston

Patrick Dreher - What's Hot In Munich: 2017

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